Sanfords Performance Horses

                            The Trainer Jamie Sanford


 Jamie is an exceptional rider and trainer she has taken on horses that were considered un-trainable. Her methods of creating training routines are relaxing for the young horse. Using natural pressures and psychology to shape a horse mind and body. A young horse needs the energy and full attiention to pick up what is being asked in a training session.

Jamie's training goal is take that unwanted energy of bucking, rearing, running off, and turning it into good riding energy. Creating a forward thinking horse that will excell in any discipline. Jamie has also taken the ring (alley) sour horse and brought them back to competition. Instead of retiring to pasture or becoming a trail horse.

After Graduating from Meredith Manor International Equestrain Centre she had a little girl that is starting to share her passion of horses with named Jewel. Recently she worked for a farm in Brooklet, Georgia called Sandy Creek Farms where she was training and helping with the care of all the horses. That also includes a mini mule named Homie!

While in high school and even after graduating Jamie was a working student for Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia riding and showing saddlebreds for six years. Jamie has shown in some of the biggest shows the east coast has to offer on the saddlebred circut.

Jamie's LOVE for barrel racing developed when she was about 2-3 years old. Her god mother Julie Mcclenny was one of the biggest contributors to her love of racing! As well as mother Janet Falk and her father James Sanford know for his time spent on jumper circuit with the world famous Touch of Class and Abdullah.

Some associations Jamie has shown with are Atlantic Saddle Club, Double T Farms and Meyler Farms bringing home many ribbons. Jamie was also 7 years old when she competed in her first rodeo at Princess Anne Park. She has shown with the NBHA since 1997 showing and winning in both open and youth divisions and qualifing for the NBHA Open and Youth world numerous times. Jamie also in her youth days was the NC 4H State Champion in the Gaming division. As well as showing in the team penning's and sorting in the Hampton roads and Elizabeth city areas in 1998 thru 2002.


A note from Jamie Sanford,

A big thank you to all the people who made sure I got up and down the roads as a kid and helping in everyway you could! I would not be doing this today if it weren't for you! And a big thank you to all my present and past students who still show me why I love this sport!!!

A big thank you and much love from me!!!

 Jamie Sanford