Sanfords Performance Horses

                                Rates And Services Offered

  Training/Lesson and Full Board:   


 *5-6 day a week training/riding sessions

* Includes*

* Twice a day feed/ hay

Feeds can include Blue Seal, Purina, Tribute, and Orchard/Timothy grass hay

We can feed Alfalfa when suppliers have in-stock prices can fluctuate.

*Large Spacious stalls 12X16 

* Twelve to Ten Hour Turnout

 * Grooming/Clipping

* Blanketing, sheets, fly sheets/masks, and Fly spray (you provide)

*Outlets for fans (you provide fan)

* Supplements and Meds (you provide)

*Extra shavings for your horse is available!


We take pride in insuring yours and our horses look and perform to the best of their ability. We personalize board for your horses needs. As well as spoil both horse and owner and reassure you that your horse is safe with us with owner/ trainer living on the property.

Pasture and Training Board


6-5 day a week training

*Hay and feed twice a day!


blankets and fly sheets

fly spray and grooming


Lesson Rates

 Monthly Package for One Lesson a week $150

Two Lessons a week $300

Single Lesson $40

Lessons on your own horse $25

Release of Liabilty Must be signed before saddling and all students young or old are encourage to ride with helmets! Helmets can be provided till you can purchase one for yourself that is appropiate fit just for you.


Horse Shows 

We also try to offer our students a chance to show. So when yourself or your child is ready to start showing we are there to HELP!!


Unrefundable! Lessons can be resceduled if given a 24 hour notice of cancellation. Weather is always a given and we will rescedule. Saftey for horse and rider always comes first.


Call for appointment Jamie Sanford 757-434-8503



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